Sofie Stal's kinetic designs are playful, special, experimental and demand something from the wearer. The design hides questions about the piece of jewelry as a free-standing object and about the degree of wearability. 

This jewelry is sometimes fragile due to the use of the material, for example due to the use of glass in the design or the moving parts.

The wearer is asked to remain aware and pay attention to the jewelry, otherwise he/she may hurt him/herself or others and/or damage the jewelry. The idea behind this is that people hardly notice the jewelry they wearing and with this experimental jewelry the wearer is challenged to pay attention to what he/she is wearing and to pay attention to his/her environment.


These jewelry are small works of art. They are difficult to wear. They are not everyday jewelry.  Please take this into account when purchasing.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying one of the artworks and feel free to contact me if you have any queries or special requests. 


Sprout 2



Sleeping Beauty

Hide and Seek

U(F)O 2

Rabbit ( hole )